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How Will You Unleash Your TNT? 

Tired of the same old workout at your local gym?
Feeling uninspired in your self-care journey?
Can’t seem to keep up with your gym routine because it literally puts you to sleep just thinking about it? 

Tara Romano’s Tone and Tease classes will transform your body, build your confidence, and get your head right. And, yes, you’ll have a killer time doing it!

What is Tone and Tease?

Living life to the fullest starts with unleashing your sexy, confident self and TNT is the way to do it.


Our TNT Divas and Divos have been known to:

Book the flight,

Have the conversation

Take the chance

Negotiate the raise,
And do it all with confidence, and a sexy strut in their step.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s Get It Going!

Ready to get Sweaxy? (Sweaty + sexy, of course!) 


There are two ways to get your Sweaxy on when it comes to your next workout: Tone and Tease and Tone and Tease Stripped.


You’ll literally let your hair down with this sultry, body-toning dance fitness experience designed with the most motivating music and easy-to-follow choreography. 


Tone & Tease


Tone & Teased Striped


Tone & Tease Experience

Tone and Tease® is a full body workout that uses a chair to get you moving to the beat! Fusing dance, fitness, and some seriously sassy fun, TNT is a hip-swaying, hair-flipping dance party where you’ll get sweaty and sexy while feeling supported, encouraged and totally fierce.


And because you’re with Tara, you’ll always have a cheering section to keep you in the zone as you do your thing and slay your workout.

You’ll leave class with your soul full, body dripping, and heart-pounding. So, you can get out there and inspire the world with your totally renewed, confident, and undeniably sexy self.

Strip the chair away? We’re still here to play. Tone and Tease Stripped is the same TNT class you love but without the chair. 


So, it’s just you, your TNT crew, and the music.

Hoping to book Tara for your next event? 

Wondering how she can help you take that conference or training to the next level?

Really want to share her contagious encouragement with your favorite community?


Since TNT is more than a dance fitness class, you can count on Tara to inspire, empower and motivate your guests from the moment she steps on stage at your next event (in some sleek and sexy heels, of course.)


So, reach out to her today about your next event and she’ll help you make your vision a reality.

Who Can Do Tone and Tease?

Whether you’re new to working out or have been dancing your way to fitness for years, you’ll totally love getting your Sweaxy on with Tone and Tease.

So, grab your water bottle. 

Put on your favorite move-with-you clothes. 

Slip into your sneakers or that sexy pair of heels (Yeah. You know the pair...). 

And get yourself to a TNT class ASAP.


Can’t find a TNT class near you?

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