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Welcome to your new tribe 

Tara Romano  is no stranger to the struggle that comes from low self-esteem, lack of confidence, disordered eating, and body image battles. But she’s become obsessed with helping other women overcome the very things she’s overcome.

Tara’s passion for supporting women as they support one another led her to foster a community and tribe that she can lean on too. 

She’s driven to help women fall in love with themselves, regardless of whether they lose weight, hit the goal, or get the raise.


 She knows that a mindset shift and a confidence boost can start a revolution from within.


And Tara believes in the power of loving yourself because of who you are right now. That way, you can love the person you become in the process of going after your big goals.


She knows that moving your body can change more than your mood: It can change your life. 

Movement can change everything from how you think about your goals, to how you feel in your body, to who you surround yourself with every day. 


Tara has inspired countless people to chase their big goals and make the small changes it takes to make those big things happen.


 She’s helped them listen deeply to the dreams that call to them relentlessly, and she’s been pivotal in helping so many people change the way they see themselves.


And she’s ready to do the same for you.

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