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Hair Down. Heels On. Inhibitions? Gone.

Tone and Tease is designed to give you the chance to unleash and let go.

This dance fitness revolution is not your average exercise class: It’s an experience that gets you in the zone, feeling confident, empowered, and fiercely fired up.

From our classes to our membership community, Tone and Tease will ignite, inspire, and support you as you build confidence and transform your body along the way.

And whether you’ve never stepped foot in a dance class or are a hip shaking, hair tossing pro, you’ll find your perfect fit with Tone and Tease.

Host A Virtual Event

It’s Way More Fun When We Get Together! Excited to host your own Tone and Tease class?
Head over to our classes page to learn more about how you can host Tara!


What is Tone and Tease?  Tone and Tease is a dance fitness experience that adds a sexy edge to easy-to-follow choreography and makes every move as fun as the last.


TNT will get your heart pumping, body moving, and those worries you came in with? They’ll be hitting the road, real quick.


Ready to feel inspired and get your Sweaxy on?